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rocky & friends - riot city
barracudas - it's high time
thee sixpence - long days care
romancers - she took my oldsmobile
ugly ducklings - just in case you're wondering
jim jones & the chaunteys - baby (better get on home)
rocky & friends - flash & crash
split ends - rich with nothing
jason merrick and the finders - i'm not what you are
bud & kathy - hang it out to dry
oscar & the majestics - no chance baby
jams - speak of the devil
sparkles - hipsville 29 b.c.
swinging machine - do you have to ask
age of reason - (your love is like a) magnet
billy & the kids - when i see you
uprisers - let me take you down
luv'd ones - up down sue
counts - trick bag
tumblers - scream
third booth - i need love
richard & the young lions - you can make it
hunted - sinner


C R I M E   J A Z Z ! !
jack nitzsche - the last race
hollywood persuaders - drums a go-go
chet atkins - blackjack
bobby summers - pad
bob & dor - the beat generation
cozy cole - big noise from winnetka pt 1
rockbusters - tough chick
art van dam - voodoo doll
birds of paradise - bossa blue
patsy ray - beatnik's wish
billy strange - 007 theme
henri mancini - the beat
line renaud - sexe
cozy cole - bad
joe hall & the corvettes - bongo beatin beatnik
barney kessel - honey rock
ray anthony - peter gunn
ronnie & the rainbows - loose ends
bing day - mama's place
bikinis - crazy vibrations
les baxter - boomada
beats - beatnik bounce pt 1
link wray - the shadow knows

mid 60's garage punk stompers from europe and australia!
scorpions - ain't that just like me

q65 - i despise you
rats - spoonful
alan pounds get rich - searching in the wilderness
primitives - how do yu feel
hubb kapp & the wheels - i'm happy too
eyes - you're too much
cherokees - that's if you want me too
les lutins - je cherche
black diamonds - see the way
namelosers - that's alright
barrington davis powerpact - raining teardrops
red squares - you can be my baby
majority - one third
black diamonds - i want, need, love you
pretty things - house in the country
downliners sect - why don't you smile now
machine gun kelly's rejects - i'm going back
david john & the mood - diggin' for gold
them - mystic eyes
phase 4 - listen to the blues
marksmen - moonshine
namelosers - i don't mind
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mike meals
interview with local punk rock paparazzi legend MIKE MEALS who CUT a genius retarded lo fi 45 back in '83: 
listen to him rant about how he came up with using a CHAINSAW instead of a guitar!!! seriously best song i have heard in AGES, kids! NOT TO BE MISSED! 
we also focused on his 80's punk band THE DEAD JACKSONS!

last 30 minutes are all about promoting an upcoming local event put together by local punk rock vet DOUG GAYLORD, and features an interview with TIM FOSTER of Trouble Makers/Losin' Streaks/Scouse Gits fame!