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plus an interview with members of THE SELLWOODS from portland!

davie allan - blue's theme
davie allan - cycledelic
sellwoods - palm reader
bla bla interview with the sellwoods
sellwoods - devil's dagger
shadows of knight - it happens always that way
namelosers - that's alright
cramps - human fly
stereo shoestring - on the road south
mighty caesars - i can judge a daughter
thee cormans - fagenstein's freak-out
blue stars - social end product
magnetix - nulle autre que toi
outsiders - summertime blues
the dirt gang - radio spot
space walkers - the invader
dj bla bla bla
the gonn - black out of gretely
hal blaine - the phantom driver
necessary evils - brainwasher
sonics - like no other man
thee sixpence - long day's care
vettes - devil driver's theme
dj bla bla bla
eyes - as tears go by
cosmic psychos - custom credit (demo)
davie allan - grog's hog
wherewolves on wheels - radio spot
who - the ox
tombstones - i want you
bj bla bla bla
unnatural axe - they saved hitler's brain
stooges - not right
screws - valley
merlynn tree - look in your mirror
mummies - come on up
davie allan - u.f.o.
montells - you can't make me
mongrell's band - be my girl
music machine - talk talk

wade curtiss & the rhythm rockers -real cool
five canadians - never alone
sims twins - movin' and a'grovin'
joe boot & the fabulous winds - rock 'n' roll radio
i'm a groupie - radio spot
routers - let's go
jay jays - bald headed woman
nathaniel mayer - i don't want no bald headed woman......
hell's angels '69 - radio spot
sellwoods - palm reader
avengers - i told you so
long john hunter - hey mrs jones
alan vega - jukebox baby
the doberman gang - radio spot
jet harris - man with the golden arm
doc starks & his nite riders - apple cider
the king - crawfish
alvin cash & the crawlers - the bump
deejay bla bla bla
shondels - thunderbolt
kingsmen - little latin lupe lu
coasters - i'm a hog for you
black belt jones - radio spot
court jesters - roaches
los persuaders - la gran-ola
boss tweeds - goin' away
sir winston & the commons - we're gonna love
dave bartholomew - cinderella