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Info from (but edited by myself) Wikipedia about the BEST 60's Garage Punk comps EVER:
BACK FROM THE GRAVE is a series of compilation albums of 1960s American garage rock released by The series originally consisted of eight LP records released between 1983 and 1992 (and hey: Volume NINE is coming out soon!!!!!!). Volumes seven and eight were double albums. Unlike many garage rock compilations, the Back From The Grave series focuses exclusively on the rawer and more aggressive side of the genre. Psychedelic rock is categorically excluded. The series also includes very few pop or folk oriented songs. As a result, the albums are primarily populated by louder songs that are characterized by fuzztone guitars, rough vocals, and are clearly influenced by groups such as Rolling Stones, Yardbirds, the early Kinks, and the Pretty Things. The lyrics and performances tended to focus on anger, lust, and cheating girlfriends, matching the often chaotic music.

The series tends to follow the packaging format established by the Nuggets album and the Pebbles series: Each volume includes detailed liner notes that include basic information about each song and group, such as origin and recording date. However, the Back From The Grave series' liner notes are very distinct. The information that they present suggests especially thorough research, often including humorous anecdotes about the artists included, information about the circumstances of the recordings, and brief biological sketches of the groups, in addition to more basic information. The Back From the Grave series was one of the first to actively seek out bands for this sort of information, sometimes even paying royalties to bands included in the compilations.

The liners are also notable for their distinctive style – they tend to be highly enthusiastic, full of intentional spelling errors and slang, humorous asides and tangents. They are noticeably opinionated, and often include insults directed at psychedelic, art-rock, and commercially oriented music.
The albums also include photographs of the included groups, and the covers tend to elaborately drawn cartoons that feature zombies (intended to personify the music found on each volume) emerging from graves and "attacking" various manifestations of the pop-and-progressive oriented world that had come to musical prominence by the end of the 60's (and later on disco and MTV). Back From the Grave is one of the most important and influential garage compilations series ever assembled.
Listen here to an hour of BFTG tunes picked and broadcasted by The Vinyl Avenger:

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