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late 50's / early 60's obscuros 
mixed with cult movie radio spots!

clyde arnold - scrounge
ronnie allen - juvenile delinquent
jimmy johnson - woman love
steve carl & the jags - curfew
mac curtis - granddaddy's rockin'
link wray - the stranger
the crew - why did you leave me
gary hodge - not for love or money
ray stanley - love charms
sentarians - flight
merv benton - worrying kind
bobby wall - baby it's too much
charlie feathers - tongue tied jill
ray stanley - i can't wait
jimmy wages - miss pearl
atlantics - bombora
bob center - lost in the jungle
slim rhodes - take and give
carl perkins - your true love
edwin bruce - eight wheel
blankenship brothers - waitin' for a train
dave and the saints - fever

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