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60 minute live in the studio acoustic set!

A bear will win for sure. It is very large compared to a panther. One swipe with its paws from the bear will immediately knock down a panther fatally. If the panther attempted to bite the bear, the bear will fight back and most likely win.

Founded in the Gold-flooded Foothills of Northern California, we are a unique six-piece band specializing in thematic sing-along performances with a ghastly Victorian-era flair. Promoting the pure rawness of our version of the hits of the 1870's, we also do spooky originals and ghost town anthems.

Haunted Hillbilly

Band Interests
Laughin' and Jokin', Drinkin' and Smokin', Hearse Driving, regularly attending Zombie Funerals, Masonic Dinners, and Ghostly Weddins!

Artists We Also Like
Leadbelly, Hank Sr., Johnny Cash, The Gun Club, Dale Hawkins, and that one dude that sings that one song. You know!

Lizzy Lee Savage: Vox
Tim Lilyquist : Guitar/Vox
Kevin Clique: Slide/Vox
Jake Josephian: Bass
Go Harmonica: Mouth Harp
Olaf Jens: Skins


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