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I N S T R O    F L O T S A M
sandwiched with cult flick promos

beep beep and the roadrunners - shiftin' gears
astronauts - banzai pipeline
avengers IV - time bomb
vistas - moon relay
mr gasser - phantom surfer
phantoms - XL-3
shandels - stacked nasty
motions - big chief
hal blaine - phantom driver
creations - crash
kenny & the sultans - the wipe out
scavengers - curfue
bob taylor & the counts - taylor's rock
link wray - streets of chicago
hasil adkins - baby rock
irridescents - bali ha'i
cre-shells - dracula
fabulous wailers - mau mau
newport nomads - harlem bells
regents - motivation
quests - psychic
sentinals - blue booze
robins - zombie


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