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the pop rivets - hang loose mongoose
the kids - this is rock 'n' roll
the dictators - faster and louder
the widows - we're comin'
the mad - the hell
dmz - shirt loop
johnny concrete - jeg ved hvor du er
the queers - i don't wanna work
the pack - lookin' for danger
the ramones - i don't care (demo)
the lurkers - i'm on heat
the spelling mistakes - hate me hate me
the saints - i'm stranded
the consumers - anti anti anti
the pagans - dead end america
the damned - stab your back
ladernunnan - ensaminatt
the unnatural axe - they saved hitler's brain
the heartbreakers - one track mind
d.o.a. - kill kill this is pop
ivy green - sex on the radio
kraut - matinee
ny dolls - trash
the zero boys - i'm bored
the screamin' mee-mees - hot sody


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