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90's GARAGE PUNK 45s!

spites - cheap fast cars & girls
beavers - rock 'n' roll
teengenerate - get back
lazy cowgirls - frustration, tragedy & lies
sinister six - deloused
cee bee beaumont - west coast ear plug
pleasure fuckers - simple needs
the bees - really want to know
new bomb turks - jim motherfucker
gaunt - pop song
headcoats - gun in my father's hand
beguiled - she devil rock
brides - waiting for you
masonics - hey calinda
rip offs - do the uganda
trashwomen - dragula
stoopid intermission
chrome cranks - come in and come on
retardos - come on back
devil dogs - bless you
bassholes - hokey pokey
guitar wolf - something else
legendary stardust cowboy - i hate cd's

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