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link wray - ace of spades
lyres - help you ann
mickey lee lane - shaggy dog
dean & jean - please don't tell me now
radio birdman - I 94
primitive love radio spot
irredescents - swamp surfer
avengers - be a caveman
lee dorsey - ride your pony
ideals - the gorilla
jan davis - run for your life
bees - voices green & purple
mark frost & the troopers - shape of things to come
watson & the sherlocks - standing on the corner
graveyard tramps radio spot
charlie feathers - why don't you
buzzcocks - everybody's happy nowadays
kinks - you do something to me
bobby december & the famous renegades - invasion
gino washington - puppet on a string
italian stallion radio spot
pretty things - come see me
bill haley - thirteen women
tornadoes - bustin' surfboards & dj bla bla
swinging medaillions - double shot (of my baby's love)
sparkles - no friend of mine
dyke & the blazers - uhh
dr jeckyl & sister hyde radio spot
b bumble & the stingers - nautilus
zeros - rico amor
mitch ryder - i'd rather go to jail
johnny otis show - castin' my spell
lavern baker - see see rider
ric cartey - young love
dee clark - blues get off my shoulder
standells - sometimes good guys don't wear white
lyres - we sell soul
outsiders - keep on trying
seeds - i tell myself
? & the mysterians - girl (you captivate me)
third bardo - 5 years ahead of my time
music machine - come on in
frogmen - tioga
jokers - taboo
kris jensen - torture
standells - i hate to leave you


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