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mid 60's louisiana garage punk obscuros 

glory rhodes - not that kinda guy
castaways - ain't gonna cheat on me
don & jerry with the fugitives - in the cover of night
little bits - girl give me love
local traffic - time gone to waste
roamin' togas - bar the door
(ye olde) inn crowd - go away
bad roads - blue girl
glory rhodes - i'm gonna change the world
playgue - i gotta be goin'
dry grins - she's a drag
in crowd - nothing you do
rogues - put you down
souls of the slain - 7 and 7 is
ron gray - hold back the sunrise
dr spec's optical illusion - she's the one
glory rhodes - stay out of my way
better half dozen - i could have loved her
spectres - no good nowhere world
inn crowd - baby you're so fine
glory rhodes - gonna be somebody
spectres - i cried
souls of the slain - can't go on


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