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mummies - the fly
jerry rigg & the el chupos - settin' up the zipper (life of a carny)
phantom surfers & dick dale - sloth & molasses
santos - you oughta know
dave rich - chicken house
sentinals - tor-chula
soul kings - delano soul
original surfaris - bombora
neal nissenson - intoxica
eddie angel - caveman
deadbolt - shrunken head
link wray - rumble on the docks
ralph nielsen & the chancellors - scream
thee cormans - biker bitch
novas - the crusher
deadbolt - truck drivin' s.o.b.
ventures - he never came back
jerry rigg & the el chupos - 2 livers in a dixie cup
mike ness - all i can do is cry
wanda jackson - funnel of love
southern culture on the skids - song #10 on plastic seat sweat
rev. horton heat - psychobilly freakout
deadbolt - run, jeb, run
gravestone four - rigor mortis
starfires - hand full of blood
bob hafner - surf creature
regalaires - it!
deadbolt - voodoo doll
eddie angel - beyond zone x
link wray - black widow
meteors - radioactive kid
thee cormans - haunted sea
ventures - the bat
scarlets - stampede

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