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30 min interview with local hardcore/metal/punkrockers
47 MILES!!!
Mark Novak- guitar 
Dave Cooper- bass 
Jae Robart- drums 
Lizzy Lee Savage- vocals

47 Miles is composed of Dave Cooper of Bl’ast fame on bass, Jae Robart slams on the drums, on guitar is former Roustabout, Mark Novak and Lizzy Lee Savage on lead vocals.

This band is a swirling mayhem of punk-metal sounds in an insatiable whirlwind. They are all about classy guitar leads, strong, driving rhythm, and deep grooving bass. The massive drum thrash collides with scorching vocals in a throng of blasting rawness.

This new band is one to be watched, as they will supersede all your expectations, and take California by storm in the coming year. 

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