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i was as sick as a dog from this horrible FEVER during last week's VINYL AVENGER radio show, 
and felt like i was in some kinda trip, 
so i played all these weird PSYCHO-DELIC tunes!

 zorba & the greeks - shockwave
barracudas - it's high time
electric prunes - are you lovin' me more (but enjoying it less)
faine jade - it ain't true
throb - black
fabulous wailers - high wall
starfires - i never loved her
outsiders - afraid of the dark
zoo - sometimes
seeds - nobody spoil my fun
ron wray light show - speed
nick d'angelo farmers - mr zeppelin man
things to come -speak of the devil
new bangs - go go kitty
hunted - sinner
magic plants - i'm a nothing
dean carter - good side of my mind
nomads - thoughts of a mad man
things to come - darkness
shaggs - my pal foot foot (unreleased live version)
davie allan & the arrows - cycle-delic
red krayola - hurricane fighter plane
fe-fi-four plus 2 - i wanna come back (from the world of lsd)
teenage rebellion - pot party
plague - the face of time
last word - sleepy hollow
looking glasses - visions
painted ship - frustration
davie allan & the arrows - mind transferral
stu mitchell - acid
chocolate watchband - expo 2000
monks - i hate you
dean carter - shadow of evil
brain train - me
forbidden five - enchanted farm
third bardo - five years ahead of my time
standells - i hate to leave you
electras - soul searching
noah's ark - love-in

phil & the frantics - 'til you get what you want
ventures - eleventh hour


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