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freshly scored 45s!

jan davis - hornet's nest
? & the mysterians - girl you captivate me
yardbirds - over under sideways down
mansion of the doomed radio spot
king sound quartet - annihilate this week
bill haley y sus cometas - tampico twist
hillbilly hooker radio spot
carl smith - go, boy, go!
swinging medallions - double shot (of my baby's love)
dale hawkins - don't treat me this way
house of pleasure radio spot
nathaniel mayer - village of love
irridescents - bali ha'i
camel smoking doctors
bobby sykes - diesel smoke, dangerous curves
bill doggett - quaker city
public service announcements
? & the mysterians - i need somebody
mickey lee lane - shaggy dog
coasters - idol with the golden head
she-beast and the embalmer post cards
beats - beatnik bounce part 1
nervous norvus - the fang
buzzcocks - everybody's happy nowadays
kinks - you do something to me
death race 2000 radio spot
music machine - the eagle never hunts the fly
leaves - hey joe
frogmen - underwater
tommy tucker - hi heel sneakers


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