i shouldn't be interviewing people on my show too much cos i stutter and say 'uh..' WAY too many times, but here it is, folks: LIVE in the studio interview with founder/owner TIM WARREN of CRYPT RECORDS!!!!! Ever since the early 80's Crypt Records has put out numerous WILD & PRIMITIVE R&R sounds from past & present, but it is most famous for the reissues on the Back From The Grave series that focus on RAW mid 60's USA GARAGE PUNK!!!!! Other reissues include the Garage Punk Unknowns and Teenage Shutdown series. Bands post 60's include: DMZ, The Lyres , The Pagans, Wylde Mammoths, Thee Headcoats , The Chrome Cranks, The Devil Dogs, Teengenerate, Gaunt, New Bomb Turks, Country Teasers, Bantam Rooster, The Oblivians, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, The Gories, and MANY more!
ralph nielsen & the chancellors- scream
cords - ghost power
golden catalinas - varsity club song
elite - my confusion
ken & the fourth dimension - see if i care
alarm clocks - no reason to complain
merlynn tree - look in your mirror
fabs - dinah wants religion
roy junior - victim of the circumstances
sloths - makin' love
emeralds - like father, like son
moguls - another day
pagans - cry 815
lyres - little sally tease
teengenerate - right now
new bomb turks - tail crush
dirtys - rock it out tonight
dr spectical's optical illusion - she's the one
jackson investment co. - what can i do
del shannon - move it on over
warlocks - beware
undecyded - make her cry
madd inc - i'll be the one
peck's bad boys - crazy world
one way streets - jack the ripper
stratocasters - reelin' & rockin'
jon spencer blues explosion - lovin' up a storm
thee headcoats - lie detector
devil dogs - strip search
raunch hands - did you no wrong
gories - ghostrider
oblivians - christina
beguiled - i walk alone
necessary evils - thrill pill


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