the satans - satan's surf
poison 13 - hellbound train
the satans - makin' deals
billy joe spears - get behind me satan and push
raunch hands - pay the devil his due
the vettes - devil's driver theme
teddy boys - jezebel
country teasers - demon eyes
prince arky - ten horned devil
dave s. trio - devil's daughter
jerry lee lewis & sam phillips - religious discussion
the cramps - devil behind that bush
the scientists - hell beach
art kilmer - the devil's twist
the illusions - jezabel
the beguiled - imp of satan
bessie smith - the devil's gonna get you
the chimney sweeps - devil girl
nine pound hammer - devil's playground
roky erickson & the aliens - i think of demons
steve king - satan is her name
the loafin' hyenas - diablo/devil
bailey's nervous kats - devil's run
freddie and the hitch hikers - sinners
sexy angels - devil
kim salmon and the surrealists - devil in disguise
shorty long - devil with the blue dress on
the bassholes - hell blues
davie allan & the arrows - devil's rumble
the guilty hearts - devil's tail
gene vincent - race with the devil
scott engel - devil surfer
haunted george - the devil's canyon
donnie brooks - the devil ain't a man
the pagans - eyes of satan
the gun club - devil in the woods
sister irmae littleton - go devil go
the clovers - devil or angel
the astronauts - devil driver
the astronauts - devil driver's theme
the country teasers - go down, mighty devil
the sho-men - slowly
 from the amazingly cool 
plus 2 un-comped songs 
ramones - merry xmas
leadbelly - xmas is coming
sonics - santa claus
patsy raye - beatnik's wish
brendon hanlon and the bat men - xmas party
celia cruz - fiesta de navidad
paddy roberts - merry xmas, you suckers
wildebeests - rudolph's ruin
lord executor - xmas is a joyful day
sun 60 - mary xmess
saturday's children - xmas sounds
merry macs - xmas cha cha cha
jacques dutronc - la fille de pere noel
harlem's children's chorus - black xmas
dead moon - xmas rush
el vez - feliz navidad
les paul and mary ford - jungle bells
wailers - she's coming home
cotton top mountain sanctified singers - christ was born on xmas morn
joey ramone - merry xmas baby please come home
kinks - father xmas
washboard pete - xmas blues
vel mares - jingle bells
jon spencer blues explosion - my xmas wish
lonnie donegan - virgin mary
brenda lee - pere noel
johnny osbourne & the family group - xmas stylee
galaxies - xmas eve
damned - there ain't no sanity clause
didjits - under the xmas fish
simon and garfunkel - 7 o'clock news / silent night
vestibules - xmas on acid
big dee irwin & little eva - i wish you a merry xmas
bo carter - santa claus
beck - the little drum machine boy (excerpt)
holly golightly - xmas tree's on fire
brown dots - at our fireplace
bee gees - come some xmas eve on halloween
dirtbombs - my last xmas

Rockabilly, Garage, Surf & Punk from around the globe, with my brother MARTEN translating songs on the spot!
Wau Y Los Aarghs! / Los Hitters / Los Saicos
Dead Brothers / Los Salvajes / Thee Cormans
The Aztecs / Eddie Con Los Shades
Los Ovnis / Los Yaps/ Celia Cruz
Los Matematicos / Detroit Cobras

30 min interview with local hardcore/metal/punkrockers
47 MILES!!!
Mark Novak- guitar 
Dave Cooper- bass 
Jae Robart- drums 
Lizzy Lee Savage- vocals

47 Miles is composed of Dave Cooper of Bl’ast fame on bass, Jae Robart slams on the drums, on guitar is former Roustabout, Mark Novak and Lizzy Lee Savage on lead vocals.

This band is a swirling mayhem of punk-metal sounds in an insatiable whirlwind. They are all about classy guitar leads, strong, driving rhythm, and deep grooving bass. The massive drum thrash collides with scorching vocals in a throng of blasting rawness.

This new band is one to be watched, as they will supersede all your expectations, and take California by storm in the coming year. 

we love 

and DICK DALE loves to 

of local surf band
and me called the king of the surf guitar 
to promote an upcoming show in nevada county
and for about 45 minutes we let him share 
his wild stories and opinions about:
life, diseases, death, fear, thunder, pet lions, 
do's and don'ts for musicians, mafioso songs,
drugs and alcohol, tulips, starry nights, private airports,
jimi hendrix, john peel, keith moon, 
and madonna!!


i was as sick as a dog from this horrible FEVER during last week's VINYL AVENGER radio show, 
and felt like i was in some kinda trip, 
so i played all these weird PSYCHO-DELIC tunes!

 zorba & the greeks - shockwave
barracudas - it's high time
electric prunes - are you lovin' me more (but enjoying it less)
faine jade - it ain't true
throb - black
fabulous wailers - high wall
starfires - i never loved her
outsiders - afraid of the dark
zoo - sometimes
seeds - nobody spoil my fun
ron wray light show - speed
nick d'angelo farmers - mr zeppelin man
things to come -speak of the devil
new bangs - go go kitty
hunted - sinner
magic plants - i'm a nothing
dean carter - good side of my mind
nomads - thoughts of a mad man
things to come - darkness
shaggs - my pal foot foot (unreleased live version)
davie allan & the arrows - cycle-delic
red krayola - hurricane fighter plane
fe-fi-four plus 2 - i wanna come back (from the world of lsd)
teenage rebellion - pot party
plague - the face of time
last word - sleepy hollow
looking glasses - visions
painted ship - frustration
davie allan & the arrows - mind transferral
stu mitchell - acid
chocolate watchband - expo 2000
monks - i hate you
dean carter - shadow of evil
brain train - me
forbidden five - enchanted farm
third bardo - five years ahead of my time
standells - i hate to leave you
electras - soul searching
noah's ark - love-in

phil & the frantics - 'til you get what you want
ventures - eleventh hour



mummies - the fly
jerry rigg & the el chupos - settin' up the zipper (life of a carny)
phantom surfers & dick dale - sloth & molasses
santos - you oughta know
dave rich - chicken house
sentinals - tor-chula
soul kings - delano soul
original surfaris - bombora
neal nissenson - intoxica
eddie angel - caveman
deadbolt - shrunken head
link wray - rumble on the docks
ralph nielsen & the chancellors - scream
thee cormans - biker bitch
novas - the crusher
deadbolt - truck drivin' s.o.b.
ventures - he never came back
jerry rigg & the el chupos - 2 livers in a dixie cup
mike ness - all i can do is cry
wanda jackson - funnel of love
southern culture on the skids - song #10 on plastic seat sweat
rev. horton heat - psychobilly freakout
deadbolt - run, jeb, run
gravestone four - rigor mortis
starfires - hand full of blood
bob hafner - surf creature
regalaires - it!
deadbolt - voodoo doll
eddie angel - beyond zone x
link wray - black widow
meteors - radioactive kid
thee cormans - haunted sea
ventures - the bat
scarlets - stampede

T H E   O B L I V I O N   S E C T

raw mid 60's garage punk from 
live studio interviews with band members
(lead guit)

HOMER's amazing (auto) bio:

Just an old hippy Vietnam vet harmonica player carpenter biker. Born in Memphis, Daddy played country and raced stock cars. Started performing in '62 in Coconut Grove...(played with Fred Neil, Vince Martin, Dion, Oz Bach, Bob Ingram, The Ewing Street Times, John Vandiver, Mike Smith and Barbara Barrow)... Went to the Univ. of Chicago in '64 where Paul Butterfield and Junior Wells took me under their wing and showed me how to "blow like a man".... In '64-'65 played "basket houses" in the Village (NYC), then jug band and country blues in New Orleans (The Bozo Band and Babe Stovall)... My first Rock'n'Roll band was "The Oblivion Sect"....playing blues and Yardbirds and Stones covers in Baton Rouge and the French Quarter in '65. After the Army, moved to L.A. and did studio work and recorded the album "Sure Hope You Like It" with Jeffrey Comanor. Escaped L.A. in '70 in a gypsy-wagon truck to N. Cal, played with old friends from Santa Cruz to San Francisco, and in the hippy/miner bars in the Sierra Foothills. In '72 headed to Nashville (more studio work, and rodeo and state fair tours with The Compton Bros.) Moved to Austin in '74...Played with Jerry Jeff, Willie, Townes Van Zandt, Guy Clark, the Lost Gonzo Band, Steven Fromholz, John Vandiver and Shake Russell, Billy Callery, Milton Carroll, Rusty Weir, Billy Joe Shaver, Tommy Joe Hill & Texas Crude, Roy Head, and a lot of other great singer/songwriters. As a carpenter, I built recording studios (including Willie's Austin Opry House Studio), homes (Jerry Jeff's & others), bars, barns, banks, yacht and airplane interiors. Spent several years in Mexico and Guatemala running wood shops and sawmills and drinking too much rum. Went back to S. Fla. around ’90, played with "The Mavericks" (first two albums) and "The Volunteers" (all three albums). Built sets and props for TV and movies til 2001, then settled into a little one-man shop doing whatever came up, restoring and riding old bikes, and still drinking too much rum. In June of '09 I sold/gave away everything that wouldn't fit in my pickup and moved back to the mountains of Northern California, where I'm enjoying a quiet life, playing with old and new friends on the porch. 


mid 60's louisiana garage punk obscuros 

glory rhodes - not that kinda guy
castaways - ain't gonna cheat on me
don & jerry with the fugitives - in the cover of night
little bits - girl give me love
local traffic - time gone to waste
roamin' togas - bar the door
(ye olde) inn crowd - go away
bad roads - blue girl
glory rhodes - i'm gonna change the world
playgue - i gotta be goin'
dry grins - she's a drag
in crowd - nothing you do
rogues - put you down
souls of the slain - 7 and 7 is
ron gray - hold back the sunrise
dr spec's optical illusion - she's the one
glory rhodes - stay out of my way
better half dozen - i could have loved her
spectres - no good nowhere world
inn crowd - baby you're so fine
glory rhodes - gonna be somebody
spectres - i cried
souls of the slain - can't go on


late 50's / early 60's obscuros 
mixed with cult movie radio spots!

clyde arnold - scrounge
ronnie allen - juvenile delinquent
jimmy johnson - woman love
steve carl & the jags - curfew
mac curtis - granddaddy's rockin'
link wray - the stranger
the crew - why did you leave me
gary hodge - not for love or money
ray stanley - love charms
sentarians - flight
merv benton - worrying kind
bobby wall - baby it's too much
charlie feathers - tongue tied jill
ray stanley - i can't wait
jimmy wages - miss pearl
atlantics - bombora
bob center - lost in the jungle
slim rhodes - take and give
carl perkins - your true love
edwin bruce - eight wheel
blankenship brothers - waitin' for a train
dave and the saints - fever

download here:


rockabilly hall of fame inductee
A L   H E N D R I X  
his music
and a live in the studio interview

"Al Hendrix' Rockabilly music has survived decades of Rock-and-Roll evolution and is still loved today by fans from all over the globe. The singer/songwriter was born on November 12, 1934 in Miami, Florida and his 'southern charm' is in every note he sings.

Inspired by the stars of the 'Grand Ole Opry' at a very young age, Al was destined to be an entertainer. His early work began in 1956 when Al met country legend, Buck Owens, and performed with Buck at the famous 'Blackboard Cafe' in Bakersfield, CA, until 1960. During that time Al was also hired as lead singer for 'Jolly Jody and the Go-Daddies' and recorded "Rhonda Lee” and "Go Daddy Rock" (Tally Label).

Al's recording career included many of his own songs on several different record labels. "I Need You” and "Young and Wild" were released by Liberty Records for nationwide release in 1960. "I Need You" was number one in El Paso, TX for six full weeks; and in the top 20 in San Diego, CA; while Alan Freed played "Young and Wild” on his radio show.
Signing with Pike Records was a turning point for Al, with songs like "Monkey Bite" and "For Sentimental Reasons”, which were released in 1962. "Monkey Bite" was an instant hit, but unfortunately, the song was not widely circulated because the lyrics were thought to be much too sexual. "Fooling Around" and "Jumpin' Johnny" were unissued for quite some time but were released by White Label, in Holland, in 1985.

Al took a break from recording for about 20 years, allowing him to spend time with his loving wife, Laraine (you can hear Laraine's first (and only) back-up singing debut in "Shaving Lotion"). In 2006, Al was back on the circuit and still rockin'! He decided to collaborate with producer/engineer, Jimmy Accardi, and together this dynamic duo cut a new CD, "Rare & Rockin” which brought back some old favorites but also some brand new songs.

Al was inducted into the ROCKABILLY HALL OF FAME in April of 2008. That same year Al and Jimmy Accardi produced another CD, "Rockabilly Lovin." At more recent venues, Al shined at Buck Owens' 'Crystal Palace' on February 14, 2010, rockin' out with Robert Tidwell and The Token Oakies. Then in March of 2010, Al rocked on at the Pre Viva Las Vegas show at the Hard Rock Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas, NV. The following year, he rocked Vegas again, this time at the Viva Las Vegas (#14) Festival in April 2011, at the Orleans Casino & Hotel. In July 2011, Al jammed with The Six Gun Romeo's Rockabilly band from Vancouver, BC, Canada, at Ethel's Old Corral, in Bakersfield, CA"

all info from Al's website: 

contemporary raw, but heartfelt country & blues 
inspired by the beautiful compilation with the same name on
john schooley - one man against the world pt 1
bassholes - daughter
heavy trash - that ain't true
billy childish & dan melchior - length of pipe
elmo williams - nothin' man
jerry teel & the big city stompers - loretta
dm bob & the deficits - mother of earth
dead brothers - ramblin' man
knoxville girls - oh baby, what you're gonna do now
20 miles - piece of clay
compulsive gamblers - two thieves
jeffrey lee pierce - john henry
doo rag - john henry
beasts of bourbon - today i started lovin' you again
holly gollightly - laughing to keep from crying
dead brothers - hund und wolfe
speedball baby - blackish man
honeymoon killers - lookin' for money
tav falco & the panther burns - blind man
john schooley - my baby cried all night long
loafin' hyenas - way of the world
jerry teel & the big city stompers - sugar baby
country teasers - go down, mighty devil
dead brothers - good time religion
work dogs - our good man
haunted george - the ghosts of the old san juan
andre williams - lookin' down at you, lookin' up at me
flat duo jets - take and give
she wolf - going back home
hasil adkins - of course not
dm bob & the deficits - bandido mexicano
luis & the wildfires - goodbye

download here:

without spinning one single note by these bloody englishmen!

the's - 19th nervous breakdown
swamp rats - it's not easy
queensberry terrors - citadel
the end - not fade away
the first four - empty heart
los ovnis - pequena ayuda de mama
new bomb turks - jivin' sister fanny
the screws - the storm
the entertainers - down home girl
shadows of knight - i just wanna make love to you
nancy sin - as tears go by
greenhornes - sad day
otis - satisfaction
chimney sweeps - grown up wrong
spiders - hitch hike
real kids - out of time
wildebeests - please go home
flamin' groovies - jumpin' jack flash
dartford renegades - off the hook
don & the goodtimes - blue turns to grey
tony jackson & the vibrations - fortune teller
reigning sound - i'd much rather be with the  boys
little killers - think
ronnie bird - elle m'attend
lovin' kind - i'm free
shanks - doncha bother me
new connolly 5 - stoned
lulu - surprise surprise
rotting stumps - obsession
namelosers - walking the dog
black lips - what to do
honeymoon killers - who's drivin' your plane?
cheater slicks - child of the moon
dirtbombs - no expectations
dmz - heart of stone




of local band 


featuring on harmonica 
japanese transplant: 

download here: