3 hours! 3 new podcasts of (mainly) recently scored 45s! 
just click on the links and enjoy!

1st hour:

magic sam - 21 nights in jail
sir douglas quintet - she's about a mover
dottie campbell - he's about a mover
mad daddy - lorain speedway
hasil adkins - get out of my car
rings - automobile
vejtables - mansion of tears
thrill killers radio spot
alvin cash - dif'rent strokes for dif'rent folks
bikinis - bikini
man or astro-man? - escape velocity
sonics - strychnine
little ike - she can rock
nervous norvus - wild dogs of kentucky
dm bob & the deficits - mad dog
hasil adkins - shake that thing
robert parker - barefootin'
syndicate - my baby's barefoot
rockets combo - topless a go go
rawlin steaunes - not fade away
end - not fade away
arrows - apache '65
richard maltby - the man with the golden arm
slim harpo - i'm gonna miss you (like the devil)
hank williams - weary blues from waitin'
chocolate watch band - expo 2000

2nd hour:

link wray - ain't that lovin' you baby
lyres - ain't that lovin' you baby
watson & the sherlocks - standing on the corner
lee dorsey - ya ya
johnny hallyday - ya ya twist
ken nordine - black
los bravos - black is black
mudhoney - touch me i'm sick
travis wammack - fire fly
mudhoney - touch me i'm sick
marauders - our big chance
fugitives - blowin' my mind
tom carter & the ramrods - flyin' saucer twist
fendermen - don't you just know it
screaming lord sutch - don't you just know it
jimmy mccracklin - the walk
lue cazz - the walk
teenage rebellion - the call girl
moose jackson - big ten inch record
original blind boys - people don't sing like they used to sing
oblivians - what's the matter now
beasts of bourbon - the big sleep
mad daddy - moldy basement
travis wammack - scratchy

3rd hour:

man or astro-man? - tomorrow plus x
new breed - green eyed woman
ravens - green eyes
gene maltais - gang war
howlin' wolf red - oh red
earl gaines - now do you hear
shanty tramp radio spot
harmonica frank floyd - swamp root
bob taylor & the counts - thunder
beau brummels - one too many mornings
tony allen - nite owl
bo diddley - mona
howlin' wolf - my last affair
bing day - mama's place
andre williams - jailhouse blues
barbara lynn - you'll lose a good thing
lost souls - my girl
four strangers - sad & lonely
pretty things - i had a dream
rollin' ramsaxes - you've hurt me so
mark sultan - i hear a new world

recently scored 45s & other wax
mixed with the usual sleazy sound clips
plan 9 - intro
whistling jack smith - i was kaiser bill's batman (dj bla bla)
alvin cash - the charge
penguins - hey senorita
mac curtis - what you want
davie allan & the arrows  - cycledelic
mad daddy - record acid test
sam moultrie - funky jerk
angry samoans - stupid jerk
dave bartholomew - cinderella
wee willie wayne - travelin' mood
serfmen - chills and fever
ronnie love - chills and fever
arch hall & the archers - twist fever
vic mizzy - addams family theme (dj bla bla)
dave clark five - chaquita
paul revere & the raiders - steppin' out
frankie laine - jezebel
teddy boys - jezebel
paul wibier - satan (theme)
wynn stewart - i'm gonna kill you
harley hatcher - the chase is on
tim rose - hey joe
hazards - hey joe
jerry lee trio - banshee (dj bla bla)
three suns - the creep
rivingtons - papa oom mow mow
ramones - surfin' bird
ventures - the cruel sea
the riddler - the riddler
aztex - i said move
davie allan & the arrows - the stompers & the souls
bob & jerry - ghost satellite
bill sedares - bongo drums
big walter & the thunderbirds - watusi freeze
ron holden - my babe
screamin' joe neal - she's my baby
henri mancini - push the button, max! (dj bla bla)
esquivel - jungle drums
lalo guerrero - pancho rock
mad daddy - round sounds
bruce culver - square record
davie allan & the arrows - mind transferal
rod mckuen - noisy village
troggs - when will the rain come
renegades - i was there
del close & john brent - summary
preston epps - bongola
martin denny - llama serenade
singing canaries 45
just click on the links: listen and/or download!
part 1: 
part 2: 
a local cool cat who started collecting 45s recently

t-bones - no matter what shape your stomach is in
status quo - pictures of  matchstick men
left banke - i haven't got the nerve
music explosion - sunshine games
hollies - not that way at all
third rail - no return
ides of march - you wouldfn't listen
terry knight & the pack - number
gestures - run run run
? & the mysterians - girl you captivate me
rattles - the witch
spencer davis group - blues in f / dj bla bla
jefferson airplane - two heads
leaves - hey joe
rationals - i need you
music machine - the eagle never hunts the fly
choir - it's cold outside
chocolate watchband - sitting there standing
blue cheer - summertime blues
poppy family - endless sleep
barbarians - are you a boy or are you a girl
bob crewe generation - music to watch girls by
care package - they call me the clown
gary lewis & the playboys - everybody loves a clown
seeds - pushin' too hard
strawberry alarmclock - the bird of alkatrash
hombres - go girl go
amboy dukes - mississippi murderer
classics IV - spooky
troggs - gonna make you
wimple winch - rumble on mersey square south
jimmy smith - the cat / dj bla bla
denims - salty dog man
knickerbockers - lies
cream - pressed rat and warthog
first edition - just dropped in...
turtles - almost there
coasters - great big idol with the golden head
mose allison - seventh son
blues magoos - we ain't got nothing yet
davie allan & the arrows - bongo party
davie again - blues theme
kingsmen - get out of my life woman
ramsey lewis trio - in crowd


jet harris - man with the golden arm
david john & the mood - diggin' for gold
wreckless eric - joe meek
pretty things - all light up
jean & the statesiders - putty in your hands
eddie & the hot rods - teenage depression
jimmy page - she just satisfies
animals - cheatin'
pink floyd - see emily play
eyes - i'm rowed out
solar flares - reflections
dj bla bla
phone request!: kinks - well respected man!
kinks - you do something to me
vermillion - angry young women
buzzcocks - harmony in my head
naz nomad & the nightmares - kicks
manfred mann - 5 4 3 2 1
fairies - get yourself home
yardbirds - little games
rick & sandy - lost my girl
dj bla bla
undertakers - i fell in love for the very 1st time
in crowd - old mc donald
cybermen - where's the new wave
sid vicious - something else
tony jackson - fortune teller
cee bee beaumont - the zero agenda
thee headcoats - alone
downliner's sect - he was a square
the who - legal matter
nashville teens - tobacco road
dj bla bla
lurkers - then i kicked her
honeycombs - have i the right
screamin' lord sutch - train kept a rollin'
troggs - our love will still be there
birds - how can it be
bean & loopy's lot - a stitch in time
damned - i fall
scorpions - bye bye johnny
searchers - the feeling inside
tornados - jungle fever
dave berry - strange effect

bo diddley - crawdad
betty james - i'm a lttle mixed up
andre williams - mmm andre williams is mmmovin'
lightnin' hopkins - bad boogie
albert (joiner) williams - rhumba chillen
piney brown - you bring out the wolf in me
junior tamplin - my baby is a boxer
sonny & jaycee - you keep on doggin' me
doctor ross - call the doctor
katie webster - & ashton conroy - baby, baby
evelyn freeman - didn't it rain
square walton - bad hangover
johnny wright - look at that chick
b b brown - i weep
howlin' wolf - wang dang doodle
bayless rose - frisco blues
eugene jefferson - don't cry no more
billy boy arnold - i wish you would
buster brown - satisfied with my lovin'
chuck berry - maybellene
rayvon darnell - don't want you maybellene
elroy peace - onion breath baby
joe williams - stack o' dollars
earl hooker - the hucklebuck
lue cazz - the walk
kid thomas - wolf pack
billy gayles - dreaming of you
nightriders - lookin' for my baby
jerry 'boogie' mccain - bad credit
andre williams - jail bait
hop wilson / ivory lee semien - rockin' in the coconut top
otis spann - it must have been the devil
schoolboy cleve - she's gone
washboard sam - never never
kip anderson - i wanna be the only one
king perry - come back baby
claude cloud - one bone
young jesse - make me feel a little good
little junior's blue flames - feelin'good
big bill broonzy - little city woman
little walter - sad hours / bj bla bla bla

gave away 2 tix for a wanda jackson show here in town during this all girl themed broadcast!


wanda jackson - honey bop
nico -i'm not saying
june bateman - possum belly overalls
detroit cobras - he did it
shangri-las - right now & not later
koko taylor - love you like a woman
nikki & the corvettes - shake it up
sara lee - jim dandy
wanda jackson - funnel of love
wynona carr - touch and go
headcoatees - run for your life
tarantula ghoul - graveyard rock
muffs - i don't like you
dorothy parker - shindig city
dj bla bla
wanda jackson - rock your baby
vibrettes - humpty dump
carla thomas - things go better with coke
nancy sinatra - last of the secret agents
persian claws - flypaper
lavern baker - bumble bee
miller sisters - ten cats down
susie reinhardt / dm bob & the deficits - going away
chymes - he's not here anymore
blondie - i'm always touched by your presence dear
wanda jackson - fujiyama mama
dottie campbell - he's about a mover
mandy & the girlfriends - straight shooter
friggs - shake
wanda jackson - it happens every time
ronettes - do i love you
francoise hardy - le temps de l'amour
shocking blue - send me a postcard
asha boshle - karle pyar karle
demolition doll rods - queen bee drag racin'
criswell - women
sisters of song - watch your step
beatle-ettes - only seventeen
bebe & serge - surfin in space
teen queens - eddie my love
fontella bass - poor litle fool
wild billy childish & the blackhands - underneath the mango tree
downbeat 5 - radiates that charm
red aunts  -terri man
surf bunnies - surf bunny beach
fontella bass - honey bee

rivieras - california sun '65
electras - little girl of mine
deadly snakes - pirate cowboy
them - my lonely sad eyes
mack self - mad at you
bel-aires - mr moto
real kids - my baby's book
quests - i'm tempted
mansion of the doomed - radio spot
sparkles - the hip
headcoats - sad sack
jimmy mc cracklin - get tough
swamp rats - it's not easy
dirtbombs - granny's little chicken
swinging swappers - radio spot
wes dakus - sour bisquits
mickey & the clean cuts - soapy
andre williams / the compulsive gamblers - i hate cha
girls on the loose / live fast, die young  - radio spot
steve carl & the jags - curfew
toads - morpheus
dovers - she's not just anybody
devil dogs - get in line


plus an interview with members of THE SELLWOODS from portland!

davie allan - blue's theme
davie allan - cycledelic
sellwoods - palm reader
bla bla interview with the sellwoods
sellwoods - devil's dagger
shadows of knight - it happens always that way
namelosers - that's alright
cramps - human fly
stereo shoestring - on the road south
mighty caesars - i can judge a daughter
thee cormans - fagenstein's freak-out
blue stars - social end product
magnetix - nulle autre que toi
outsiders - summertime blues
the dirt gang - radio spot
space walkers - the invader
dj bla bla bla
the gonn - black out of gretely
hal blaine - the phantom driver
necessary evils - brainwasher
sonics - like no other man
thee sixpence - long day's care
vettes - devil driver's theme
dj bla bla bla
eyes - as tears go by
cosmic psychos - custom credit (demo)
davie allan - grog's hog
wherewolves on wheels - radio spot
who - the ox
tombstones - i want you
bj bla bla bla
unnatural axe - they saved hitler's brain
stooges - not right
screws - valley
merlynn tree - look in your mirror
mummies - come on up
davie allan - u.f.o.
montells - you can't make me
mongrell's band - be my girl
music machine - talk talk

wade curtiss & the rhythm rockers -real cool
five canadians - never alone
sims twins - movin' and a'grovin'
joe boot & the fabulous winds - rock 'n' roll radio
i'm a groupie - radio spot
routers - let's go
jay jays - bald headed woman
nathaniel mayer - i don't want no bald headed woman......
hell's angels '69 - radio spot
sellwoods - palm reader
avengers - i told you so
long john hunter - hey mrs jones
alan vega - jukebox baby
the doberman gang - radio spot
jet harris - man with the golden arm
doc starks & his nite riders - apple cider
the king - crawfish
alvin cash & the crawlers - the bump
deejay bla bla bla
shondels - thunderbolt
kingsmen - little latin lupe lu
coasters - i'm a hog for you
black belt jones - radio spot
court jesters - roaches
los persuaders - la gran-ola
boss tweeds - goin' away
sir winston & the commons - we're gonna love
dave bartholomew - cinderella

C A R S on 4 5  R P M

duals - stick shift
dwight douglas & jayhawkers - innerstate 45
jackie brenston - rocket 88
hasil adkins - big red satellite
chordettes - no wheels
deejay bla bla
de-tino's - ramrod
pretty things - road runner
sixtyniners - 40 miles
dick curless - a tombstone every mile
gene simmons - peroxide blonde & a hopped up model ford
spites - cheap beer, fast cars & girls
'68 comeback - cadillac man
renegades - cadillac
beach boys - 409
jimmy jay & his blue falcons - turbine drive
dirtbombs - high octane salvation
bees - trip to new orleans
red simpson - i'm a truck
atomiks - 100 mph in a coupe de ville
20 miles - highway 61
sonics - boss hoss
robert mitchum - the ballad of thunder road
legendary stardust cowboy - i ride a tractor
benny joy - rocky road blues
nelson riddle - route 66 theme
chuck berry - maybellene
untamed youth - my general lee
saints - one way street
link wray - batman theme
trashwomen - dragula
bobby sykes - diesel smoke, dangerous curves
turtles - almost there
charlie ryan - hot rod lincoln
nine pound hamster - radar love
roy orbison - ride away
nervous norvus - transfusion
chancellors - route 66
20 miles - twenty miles
richard maltby - the rat race / dj bla bla
red foley - hot rod race
guy drake - welfare cadillac
roger miller - king of the road


link wray - ace of spades
lyres - help you ann
mickey lee lane - shaggy dog
dean & jean - please don't tell me now
radio birdman - I 94
primitive love radio spot
irredescents - swamp surfer
avengers - be a caveman
lee dorsey - ride your pony
ideals - the gorilla
jan davis - run for your life
bees - voices green & purple
mark frost & the troopers - shape of things to come
watson & the sherlocks - standing on the corner
graveyard tramps radio spot
charlie feathers - why don't you
buzzcocks - everybody's happy nowadays
kinks - you do something to me
bobby december & the famous renegades - invasion
gino washington - puppet on a string
italian stallion radio spot
pretty things - come see me
bill haley - thirteen women
tornadoes - bustin' surfboards & dj bla bla
swinging medaillions - double shot (of my baby's love)
sparkles - no friend of mine
dyke & the blazers - uhh
dr jeckyl & sister hyde radio spot
b bumble & the stingers - nautilus
zeros - rico amor
mitch ryder - i'd rather go to jail
johnny otis show - castin' my spell
lavern baker - see see rider
ric cartey - young love
dee clark - blues get off my shoulder
standells - sometimes good guys don't wear white
lyres - we sell soul
outsiders - keep on trying
seeds - i tell myself
? & the mysterians - girl (you captivate me)
third bardo - 5 years ahead of my time
music machine - come on in
frogmen - tioga
jokers - taboo
kris jensen - torture
standells - i hate to leave you

roland alphonso - el pussycat
ganim's asia minors - daddy lolo
hector & the eastmen - wobble lou
pastels - jungle run
chimes - zindy lou
calypso bandits - the wreck of the john b
earl curry - hobo
DC5 - chaquita
bill matte - parlez vous francais?
bo diddley - limber
omar kay - turkish coffee
aztecs - damelo baby
skatalites - dick tracy
louis jordan - run joe
rod mckuen - noisey village
bob ridgeley - she was a mau mau
shawn elliot - shame and scandal in the family
preston epps - doin' the cha cha cha
sandy nelson - casbah
celia cruz - rock n roll
higgs & wilson - sha ba da
merits - arabian jerk
ganimian & his orientals - come with me to the casbah
harry breuer -  minute merengue
link wray - rumble mambo
bob carter - lost in the jungle
santo & johnny - slave girl
esquerita - esquerita & the voola
king kahn & his shrines - que lindo sueno
larry williams - shake your body girl
perez prado - why wait
kanui & lula - tomi tomi
bo diddley - travelin' west
oscar brown jr - afro blue
robert drasnin - orinoco
dave bartholomew - shrimp & gumbo
watzloves - zerfix noa a moi
blackhands - black girl
mando & the chili peppers - congo mombo
ivan ward & the swingsters - congo glide
islanders - mary walk
augie goupil - paoa
tornadoes - jungle fever
sammy & the 5 notes - the lion is awake
chet atkins – begin the beguine