mummies - the fly
jerry rigg & the el chupos - settin' up the zipper (life of a carny)
phantom surfers & dick dale - sloth & molasses
santos - you oughta know
dave rich - chicken house
sentinals - tor-chula
soul kings - delano soul
original surfaris - bombora
neal nissenson - intoxica
eddie angel - caveman
deadbolt - shrunken head
link wray - rumble on the docks
ralph nielsen & the chancellors - scream
thee cormans - biker bitch
novas - the crusher
deadbolt - truck drivin' s.o.b.
ventures - he never came back
jerry rigg & the el chupos - 2 livers in a dixie cup
mike ness - all i can do is cry
wanda jackson - funnel of love
southern culture on the skids - song #10 on plastic seat sweat
rev. horton heat - psychobilly freakout
deadbolt - run, jeb, run
gravestone four - rigor mortis
starfires - hand full of blood
bob hafner - surf creature
regalaires - it!
deadbolt - voodoo doll
eddie angel - beyond zone x
link wray - black widow
meteors - radioactive kid
thee cormans - haunted sea
ventures - the bat
scarlets - stampede

T H E   O B L I V I O N   S E C T

raw mid 60's garage punk from 
live studio interviews with band members
(lead guit)

HOMER's amazing (auto) bio:

Just an old hippy Vietnam vet harmonica player carpenter biker. Born in Memphis, Daddy played country and raced stock cars. Started performing in '62 in Coconut Grove...(played with Fred Neil, Vince Martin, Dion, Oz Bach, Bob Ingram, The Ewing Street Times, John Vandiver, Mike Smith and Barbara Barrow)... Went to the Univ. of Chicago in '64 where Paul Butterfield and Junior Wells took me under their wing and showed me how to "blow like a man".... In '64-'65 played "basket houses" in the Village (NYC), then jug band and country blues in New Orleans (The Bozo Band and Babe Stovall)... My first Rock'n'Roll band was "The Oblivion Sect"....playing blues and Yardbirds and Stones covers in Baton Rouge and the French Quarter in '65. After the Army, moved to L.A. and did studio work and recorded the album "Sure Hope You Like It" with Jeffrey Comanor. Escaped L.A. in '70 in a gypsy-wagon truck to N. Cal, played with old friends from Santa Cruz to San Francisco, and in the hippy/miner bars in the Sierra Foothills. In '72 headed to Nashville (more studio work, and rodeo and state fair tours with The Compton Bros.) Moved to Austin in '74...Played with Jerry Jeff, Willie, Townes Van Zandt, Guy Clark, the Lost Gonzo Band, Steven Fromholz, John Vandiver and Shake Russell, Billy Callery, Milton Carroll, Rusty Weir, Billy Joe Shaver, Tommy Joe Hill & Texas Crude, Roy Head, and a lot of other great singer/songwriters. As a carpenter, I built recording studios (including Willie's Austin Opry House Studio), homes (Jerry Jeff's & others), bars, barns, banks, yacht and airplane interiors. Spent several years in Mexico and Guatemala running wood shops and sawmills and drinking too much rum. Went back to S. Fla. around ’90, played with "The Mavericks" (first two albums) and "The Volunteers" (all three albums). Built sets and props for TV and movies til 2001, then settled into a little one-man shop doing whatever came up, restoring and riding old bikes, and still drinking too much rum. In June of '09 I sold/gave away everything that wouldn't fit in my pickup and moved back to the mountains of Northern California, where I'm enjoying a quiet life, playing with old and new friends on the porch. 


mid 60's louisiana garage punk obscuros 

glory rhodes - not that kinda guy
castaways - ain't gonna cheat on me
don & jerry with the fugitives - in the cover of night
little bits - girl give me love
local traffic - time gone to waste
roamin' togas - bar the door
(ye olde) inn crowd - go away
bad roads - blue girl
glory rhodes - i'm gonna change the world
playgue - i gotta be goin'
dry grins - she's a drag
in crowd - nothing you do
rogues - put you down
souls of the slain - 7 and 7 is
ron gray - hold back the sunrise
dr spec's optical illusion - she's the one
glory rhodes - stay out of my way
better half dozen - i could have loved her
spectres - no good nowhere world
inn crowd - baby you're so fine
glory rhodes - gonna be somebody
spectres - i cried
souls of the slain - can't go on