N E W   H A U L   O F   C A T E R W A U L

the mad - i hate music
jesus lizard - chrome
masonics - when you cry at night
savages - the world ain't round it's square
anomalys - the world ain't round it's square
livids - new values
iggy pop & james williamson - consolation prizes
spits - beat you up
ramones - loudmouth
magnetix - nulle autre que toi
johnny moped - no one
masonics - where is johnny moped now
the bees - really want to know
neal ford & the fanatics - shame on you
lollipop shoppe - you must be a witch
pierced arrows - the wait
dead moon - ricochet

I N S T R O    F L O T S A M
sandwiched with cult flick promos

beep beep and the roadrunners - shiftin' gears
astronauts - banzai pipeline
avengers IV - time bomb
vistas - moon relay
mr gasser - phantom surfer
phantoms - XL-3
shandels - stacked nasty
motions - big chief
hal blaine - phantom driver
creations - crash
kenny & the sultans - the wipe out
scavengers - curfue
bob taylor & the counts - taylor's rock
link wray - streets of chicago
hasil adkins - baby rock
irridescents - bali ha'i
cre-shells - dracula
fabulous wailers - mau mau
newport nomads - harlem bells
regents - motivation
quests - psychic
sentinals - blue booze
robins - zombie

L E S S   I S   M O R E
back room no-fi recordings 

wade curtiss - brang
johnny dollar - action packed
chimney sweeps - devil girl
country teasers - i'm a new person ma'am
ronnie & the red caps - conquest
leprechauns - rain
harmonica 'blues king' harris - blues king mambo
headcoats - the messerchmitt pilot's severed hand
jerry & the casuals - battle of 3 blind mice
kanui & lula - tomi tomi
menster phip & the phipsters - zither row
fugitives - no tease
twenty miles - 20 miles
dean morgan - climb the wall
megatons - isis
haunted george - what kinda tracks are those
terry dunavan - rock-it on mars (demo)
illusions - nitemare
rocket freudentahl - locher graben
morty shann & the morticians - movin' in
shaggs - my pal foot foot (unreleased live version)
jack starr - i need your luven
the noise - you turn me on
t-model ford - to the left to the right
doo rag - some
hasil adkins - mathilda
lost souls - my girl
friction - pistol
rockin' rebels - tom tom
oblivians - arabian interlude
george coleman - innocent little doggie
new bangs - go go kitty
pussy galore - crawfish
w. l. horning - rockin' n' rollin'
chrome cranks - foul stench of love
randy alvey & the green fuz - green fuz
charlie feathers - talkin' 'bout loving
'68 comeback - painter of sadness
tone benders - little black egg
swingsters - southern drums
randy luck - i was a teenage caveman
king khan & bbq show - mind, body & soul