almost 3 weeks ago i was unloading my dj gear and drum kit from our van in front of the stone house in nevada city, ca when all of a sudden a truck hit me and our car. i ended up laying bleeding on the sidewalk. people helped me inside and police was there within 5 minutes. i went to the hospital where they put 12 stitches on my face... still recovering from a concussion and our van is totaled... according to our insurance company and lawyer everything will be taken care of financially.... so damn lucky i'm still ALIVE!!!

fireworks - s'link
figures of light - black cadillac
trashmen - stick shift
nervous norvus - transfusion
hard feelings - 100 miles an hour
rally-packs - bucket seats

deathrace 2000 radio promo
nasty facts - drive my car
link wray - streets of chicago

cadets - car crash
electric eels - dead man's curve
eligibles - car trouble on a lonely road
jon wayne - texas fuel injection
jon wayne - generator
richard brothers - drunken drivers coming
jayne mansfield is dead
chrome cranks - slow crash
roy acuff - wreck on the highway
moses longpiece - slide her under the door
cramps - bend over i'll drive
pagans - dead end america
the rings - automobile
big stick - drag racing
persuaders - van ride

download / listen:

90's GARAGE PUNK 45s!

spites - cheap fast cars & girls
beavers - rock 'n' roll
teengenerate - get back
lazy cowgirls - frustration, tragedy & lies
sinister six - deloused
cee bee beaumont - west coast ear plug
pleasure fuckers - simple needs
the bees - really want to know
new bomb turks - jim motherfucker
gaunt - pop song
headcoats - gun in my father's hand
beguiled - she devil rock
brides - waiting for you
masonics - hey calinda
rip offs - do the uganda
trashwomen - dragula
stoopid intermission
chrome cranks - come in and come on
retardos - come on back
devil dogs - bless you
bassholes - hokey pokey
guitar wolf - something else
legendary stardust cowboy - i hate cd's

listen / download:


yma sumac - lure of the unknown love
link wray - the shadow knows
johnny cash - the folk singer
ernie barton - she's gone away
'68 comeback - painter of sadness
viscounts - harlem nocturne
gene vincent - in dreams
standells - i hate to leave you
lavern baker - i cried a tear
kris jensen - torture
chuck berry - blue feeling
donald woods & the vel-aires - death of an angel
gories - you little nothing
jody reynolds - endless sleep
the seeds - can't seem to make you mine
cee bee beaumont - activate the cloudsy plan
nancy sinatra - friday's child
lazy cowgirls - repeat after me
outsiders - i love her still, i always will
artie shaw - nightmare
alan vega - lonely
pastel six - bandido

listen / download:

SURF ON 45!!!

rumblers - boss
link wray - jack the ripper
astronauts - hot doggin'
sandy nelson - day train
duals - stick shift

teddy & the rough riders - tomahawk
don & the galaxies - sundown
teenbeats - mr. moto
dick dale - eight till midnight
ramrods - war party
gene gray & the stingrays - surf bunny

piltdown men - brontosaurus stomp
mad daddy - peach fuzz
readymen - disintegration
journeymen - surfer's blues
irridescents - swamp surfer

ting pimple cream
chantays - pipeline
busters - bust out
gene caroll & the shades - red devil
atlantics - heartburn

download and/or listen here:


pete drake - rick-a-shay
sanford clark - the fool
porter wagonner - cold hard facts of life
lefty frizell - my baby is just like money
??? - pepper hot baby
hank williams - in my dreams you still belong to me

carl smith - go boy go
charlie moore & bill napier - hot rod kids & women drivers
johnny cash - luther's boogie
charlie feathers - bottle to the baby (norton reissue)
charlie feathers - cockroach (norton)
hank thompson - drivin' nails in my coffin
red foley - hot rod race
robert mitchum - ballad of thunder road
jerry lee lewis - you win again
ray price - don't let the stars get in your eyes
dick curless - a tombstone every mile
hank williams - lovesick blues
eddie noack - man on the wall
bobby sykes - diesel smoke, dangerous curves
marvin rainwater - halfbreed
jimmy wakely - moon over montana

download and/or listen here:
sad, lonely & twisted 45s
flamingos - love walked right in
bob & earl - don't ever leave me
chuck willis - what am i living for
conway twitty - the hurt in my heart
sims twins - that's where it's at
sam & dave - maybe i baby
don & dewey - the letter
moe koffman quintet - sheperd's blues
porter waggoner - what would you do?
clyde mcphatter - let's forget about the past
dion - (i was) born to cry
sil austin - slow walk
paul cinnamon's drunken palaver!
rolling stones - what a shame
gino washington - puppet on a string
john lee hooker - boogie chillun
mark sultan - i hear a new world
b. bumble & the stingers - nautilus
randy sparks - the hangman
tarheel slim & little ann - it's too late
frogmen - tioga
buddy knox - i think i'm gonna kill myself
wailers - tall cool one
nathaniel mayer - i want a woman

where it's at:

freshly scored 45s!

jan davis - hornet's nest
? & the mysterians - girl you captivate me
yardbirds - over under sideways down
mansion of the doomed radio spot
king sound quartet - annihilate this week
bill haley y sus cometas - tampico twist
hillbilly hooker radio spot
carl smith - go, boy, go!
swinging medallions - double shot (of my baby's love)
dale hawkins - don't treat me this way
house of pleasure radio spot
nathaniel mayer - village of love
irridescents - bali ha'i
camel smoking doctors
bobby sykes - diesel smoke, dangerous curves
bill doggett - quaker city
public service announcements
? & the mysterians - i need somebody
mickey lee lane - shaggy dog
coasters - idol with the golden head
she-beast and the embalmer post cards
beats - beatnik bounce part 1
nervous norvus - the fang
buzzcocks - everybody's happy nowadays
kinks - you do something to me
death race 2000 radio spot
music machine - the eagle never hunts the fly
leaves - hey joe
frogmen - underwater
tommy tucker - hi heel sneakers



i shouldn't be interviewing people on my show too much cos i stutter and say 'uh..' WAY too many times, but here it is, folks: LIVE in the studio interview with founder/owner TIM WARREN of CRYPT RECORDS!!!!! Ever since the early 80's Crypt Records has put out numerous WILD & PRIMITIVE R&R sounds from past & present, but it is most famous for the reissues on the Back From The Grave series that focus on RAW mid 60's USA GARAGE PUNK!!!!! Other reissues include the Garage Punk Unknowns and Teenage Shutdown series. Bands post 60's include: DMZ, The Lyres , The Pagans, Wylde Mammoths, Thee Headcoats , The Chrome Cranks, The Devil Dogs, Teengenerate, Gaunt, New Bomb Turks, Country Teasers, Bantam Rooster, The Oblivians, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, The Gories, and MANY more!
ralph nielsen & the chancellors- scream
cords - ghost power
golden catalinas - varsity club song
elite - my confusion
ken & the fourth dimension - see if i care
alarm clocks - no reason to complain
merlynn tree - look in your mirror
fabs - dinah wants religion
roy junior - victim of the circumstances
sloths - makin' love
emeralds - like father, like son
moguls - another day
pagans - cry 815
lyres - little sally tease
teengenerate - right now
new bomb turks - tail crush
dirtys - rock it out tonight
dr spectical's optical illusion - she's the one
jackson investment co. - what can i do
del shannon - move it on over
warlocks - beware
undecyded - make her cry
madd inc - i'll be the one
peck's bad boys - crazy world
one way streets - jack the ripper
stratocasters - reelin' & rockin'
jon spencer blues explosion - lovin' up a storm
thee headcoats - lie detector
devil dogs - strip search
raunch hands - did you no wrong
gories - ghostrider
oblivians - christina
beguiled - i walk alone
necessary evils - thrill pill

listen and/or download:

1st hr:
2nd hr:

jack starr - halloween party
misfits - halloween
mummies - the house on haunted hill
stud cole - burn baby burn
halloween radio spot
poison 13 - strange movies
screaming lord sutch - 'til the following night
ventures - vampcamp
king kahn & bbq show - zombies
phantom surfers - horror beach
screamin' jay hawkins - alligator wine
andre williams & the cheater slicks - i can't find my mind
mad man jones - snake charmer
hasil adkins - we got a date
revelators - hillbilly wolf
jan davis - time funnel
steve king - satan is her name
the creeps - the whip
guilty hearts - ghost in my room
kac-ties - mr werewolf
ken nordine - black
scotty mckay - black cat
graveyard five - marble orchard
phantom five - graveyard
fleshtones - dance with the ghoulman
lady frankenstein radio spot
new york dolls - frankenstein
rocket from the crypt - i drink blood
the body shop radio spot
playboys - whatizit?
gories - rat's nest
werewolves on wheels radio spot
frantics - werewolf
fred waring & the pennsylvanians - dry bones
beguiled - jack the ripper
oblivians - nail driver
cheater slicks - ghost
creepy organ intermission
george barnes - spooky
the last word - sleepy hollow
bo diddley - bo meets the monster
randy luck - i was a teenage caveman
hasil adkins - lonely graveyard

listen and/or download:

2nd hour:
the pop rivets - hang loose mongoose
the kids - this is rock 'n' roll
the dictators - faster and louder
the widows - we're comin'
the mad - the hell
dmz - shirt loop
johnny concrete - jeg ved hvor du er
the queers - i don't wanna work
the pack - lookin' for danger
the ramones - i don't care (demo)
the lurkers - i'm on heat
the spelling mistakes - hate me hate me
the saints - i'm stranded
the consumers - anti anti anti
the pagans - dead end america
the damned - stab your back
ladernunnan - ensaminatt
the unnatural axe - they saved hitler's brain
the heartbreakers - one track mind
d.o.a. - kill kill this is pop
ivy green - sex on the radio
kraut - matinee
ny dolls - trash
the zero boys - i'm bored
the screamin' mee-mees - hot sody


  • luis & the wildfires - wild in the head
  • the aztex - i said move
  • king sound quartet - sheer terror
  • future world radio spot
  • the lancers - the witch
  • atilla & the huns - mojo cools
  • mitch ryder family spot
  • suicide - johnny
  • johnny concrete - johnny johnny
  • panics - sham
  • the who - great shakes spot
  • the who - the good is gone
  • radio birdman - more fun
  • pubic service announcements...
  • masonics - big mouth
  • pretty things - mama keep your big mouth shut
  • count 5 - pretty big mouth
  • batman merchandise j. c. penny spot
  • honeymoon killers - batman
  • the bags - survive
  • naz nomad & the nightmares - she lied
  • the kingsmen - killer joe
  • black sunday radio spot
  • cheater slicks - dark night
  • thee cormans - the creep
  • screamin' jay hawkins - i hear voices
  • b. brock & the vibratos - fright
  • haunted george - the embalmer
  • quintron - meet me at the clubhouse
  • the evil - i'm movin' on
  • friday the 13th jinx show radio spot
  • sonny day - beyond the shadow of a doubt
  • link wray - the shadow knows
  • the beguiled - nycoidia
  • asylum of the insane radio spot
  • koko taylor - insane asylum
  • the monks - boys are boys and girls are girls
  • vox pop - cab driver
  • gun club - jack on fire
  • bassholes - judge harsh blues
  • machine gun kelly's rejects - i'm going back
  • the screws - zulu lulu
  • jack starr - pain (gimme sympathy)
    luis & the wildfires - goodbye

listen and/or download

1st hour:

2nd hr:

  • mondo topless - introduction
  • crime - san francisco's doomed
  • the cave men - it's trash
  • the little killers - choppin' block
  • the buzz - you're holding me down
  • link wray - street fighter
  • thee mighty caesars - don't break my laws
  • johnny thunders & the heartbreakers - do you love me
  • tommy scott - i can only give you everything
  • the persuaders - las vegas (high stakes)
  • the pagans - i stand alone
  • the seeds - no escape
  • dmz - the first time
  • the boys blue - you got what i want
  • lazy cowgirls - another long goodbye
  • unnatural axe - 3 chord rock
  • ken & the 4th dimension - see if i care
  • oscar & the majestics - gotta have your lovin'
  • magic plants - i'm a nothing
  • haunted strangler radio spot
  • hollywood squares - hillside strangler
  • oblivians - the leather
  • the eyes - when the night falls
  • incredibly strange creatures radio spot
  • the space walkers - the invader
  • cosmic psychos - custom credit (demo)
  • pagans - her name was jane
  • chimney sweeps - give your lovin' to me
  • ken williams - trash can
  • rivals - here comes the night
  • blacktop - here i am (here i always am)
  • gaunt - silly watches
  • chessmen - i need you there
  • booby trap radio spot
  • persuaders - dixie buzzards
  • guitar wolf - planet of the wolves
  • thee mighty caesars - ask the dust
  • screaming lord sutch - black and hairy
  • country teasers - anytime cowboy *2
  • roscoe & his little green men - weird
  • calvin cool - el tecolote 
  • chrome cranks - bloodshot eye
  • things to come - speak of the devil
  • del close & john brent: how to speak hip (conclusion)
listen and/or download:
2nd hour: