recently scored 45s & other wax
mixed with the usual sleazy sound clips
plan 9 - intro
whistling jack smith - i was kaiser bill's batman (dj bla bla)
alvin cash - the charge
penguins - hey senorita
mac curtis - what you want
davie allan & the arrows  - cycledelic
mad daddy - record acid test
sam moultrie - funky jerk
angry samoans - stupid jerk
dave bartholomew - cinderella
wee willie wayne - travelin' mood
serfmen - chills and fever
ronnie love - chills and fever
arch hall & the archers - twist fever
vic mizzy - addams family theme (dj bla bla)
dave clark five - chaquita
paul revere & the raiders - steppin' out
frankie laine - jezebel
teddy boys - jezebel
paul wibier - satan (theme)
wynn stewart - i'm gonna kill you
harley hatcher - the chase is on
tim rose - hey joe
hazards - hey joe
jerry lee trio - banshee (dj bla bla)
three suns - the creep
rivingtons - papa oom mow mow
ramones - surfin' bird
ventures - the cruel sea
the riddler - the riddler
aztex - i said move
davie allan & the arrows - the stompers & the souls
bob & jerry - ghost satellite
bill sedares - bongo drums
big walter & the thunderbirds - watusi freeze
ron holden - my babe
screamin' joe neal - she's my baby
henri mancini - push the button, max! (dj bla bla)
esquivel - jungle drums
lalo guerrero - pancho rock
mad daddy - round sounds
bruce culver - square record
davie allan & the arrows - mind transferal
rod mckuen - noisy village
troggs - when will the rain come
renegades - i was there
del close & john brent - summary
preston epps - bongola
martin denny - llama serenade
singing canaries 45
just click on the links: listen and/or download!
part 1:
part 2:

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